• If your planning on waking up at 5:00 AM this Friday, or heaven forbid, tonight, and hitting up the local Walmart for some Roll Back deals… I would implore you to reconsider.

  • Initial reactions to the Cybertruck have been… mixed? Passionate? The truck is one of the most unique, brutalist, and futuristic designs of any truck to go into production and reactions to it are a good opportunity to examine a few design concepts, or rather the ways in which people react to design.

  • Read and Chill

    Everyday, without fail, on Twitter I see ads for a service called Blinklist. Their pitch is that they take books, have someone read them, then they provide five minute summaries, in place of you having to work to you know read. Let’s just stop for a moment and think about some of the inherent issues:

  • Falling short, yet again, of my weekly blog goal, I’ll opt for a bi-monthly review of what’s going on and what has kept me from writing.

  • The first time you open your terminal and write rails new it can be overwhelming the sheer number of files and folders that are created. You may even work on numerous Rails projects without ever opening many of these folders, but what exactly are they? What are they doing behind the scenes? Well, the truth is that you don’t need many of them and Rails has several flags built into the new command (to learn more just type out rails new —help) which will allow you to create a new project without some of the builtin defaults of Rails…

  • Here, today, I return to the world of blog writing. With this initial post let me give some why, what, and how. Or why I want to blog, what I hope you get out of this and lastly I’ll take a moment to talk about what I’m using to create and serve this blog.

  • Imposter syndrome is something we all struggle with to one degree or another. Imposter syndrome is the fear of exposure as a fraud. If you’re anything like me you have felt like your work was not good enough to show. Or you weren’t far along enough in your journey as a developer to have much to contribute.